Prospect Logistics is dedicated to fulfilling every aspect of your shipping and logistics needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Flatbed Transports
  • Heavy Haul/Over-Dimensional Loads
  • Truckload Freight (Dry and Refrigerated)
  • “Less than Truckload” Shipments
  • Guaranteed and Expedited Delivery
  • Dedicated Freight
  • International Transportation Management
  • Warehousing Resources

Additionally, Prospect Logistics’ personnel can work with you personally when special arrangements are necessary for the successful completion of your shipment.

Prospect Logistics: Your 3PL Service Solution

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), Prospect Logistics offers you the element of “one-stop shopping” when it comes to satisfying your supply chain management requirements in a way that is both extremely efficient and highly economical. Outsourcing your transportation, warehousing and supply chain functions to us allows you to concentrate on your core business operations, reducing your operational costs while helping to maximize profits. It is for this reason that many Fortune 500 companies have turned to 3PL partners as part of their successful business strategies.

Here are a number of other advantages that can benefit your business when you enlist Prospect Logistics as your 3PL partner:

• Prospect Logistics’ extensive warehousing and distribution network will help decrease your order times by streamlining your order fulfillment requirements. You tell us what items need to be shipped, the quantities, the final destination and the deadline for getting it there and we handle the rest.

• Prospect Logistics provides flexible warehouse and transport options in response to fluctuating and/or seasonal business cycles, giving you peace of mind when increases or decreases in your inventory would otherwise require you to seek larger or smaller storage facilities.

• Prospect Logistics employs state-of-the-art truck load, warehouse management and order fulfillment software and technology in order to supply your company with the most efficient, effective and reliable service.

• By utilizing Prospect Logistics’ expansive services and resources, you mitigate the initial set-up costs and on-going expenditures that would otherwise be spent getting your product to market. This translates into more money that you can reinvest your business or enjoy as profit.